Dmitri Sennikov

My results from Clay’s personal sessions & programs speak for themselves. I feel great, and I’m really clear on my purpose in the world.

Kamil Kaminski

Working with Clay was a game changer for my business and my life in a much shorter time than I could have ever done alone.


From the brink of bankruptcy to over $100k/month in 6 months...
Giving war veterans a second chance after removing crippling PTSD...
Lifelong chain smokers quitting within a single session...
These are some of the transformations Clay has helped with.
Clay's work has roots in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, persuasion,
neuroscience, and even seduction theory. He has pursued deep formal and informal training
for all of these subjects, crafting a skill set unique to him that fixes problems fast.
Although Clay's clients rave about how he changed their lives, his history might surprise you...
While attempting to break up a fight in 2001, Clay was thrown through a balcony railing and
landed head first into concrete, fracturing his skull and remained in a coma for 7 days.
- In order to continue training as a weapons specialist in the Navy and not be discharged, he
forced himself to learn to walk and talk again in only 2.5 weeks.
In 2011, he persuaded his way out of a felony offense and into misdemeanor, and convinced
the clerks into using the computer in,US jail to send emails to Australia to make bail instead of
spending the next 12 months in jail.
In 2014, he decided to devote his life to helping people full time.
In 2016, he summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with no training and no preparation.
Taking advantage of old and new technology, a full repertoire of training in neuroscience, and
Clay's signature no-bullshit approach, results such as a dramatic increase in sales, a bulletproof
mind, accelerated integration of skills, and absolute control over your mind.
Today, Clay works with people all over the world who need him: whether it's a mother who
wants to ditch anxiety, an athlete who wants to win a place and smash through depression, an entrepreneur wanting more
money while avoiding burnout, a government official smoking 2 packs a day, or even a struggling teenager looking for a
little more confidence.
Through his personal improvement app, membership site, and exclusive retreats, everyone
welcome to seal their commitment to the highest versions of themselves,
on the right path to the true you • and what you want to get, see Clay.
Clay has been featured in Hypnosis Training Academy, Thrive Global,
and other publications around the world.

Max Reznich

Clay helped me quit smoking and it was incredible. I had tried so many things in the past and had doubts before starting with Clay. I haven’t smoked since!

Eric Uresk

When I use Clay’s programs… It works! I get more productive and getting things done consistently and recommend it to my fighters.

Toni Wolinski

Clay has helped me tremendously to process a lot of stuff and enabled me to move forward and what needs to be done to move again.

Paul Devereux

After working with Clay my life has done a complete U-turn, making money, better relationships, and procrastination I had… is gone.

Joy Somers

I sat down with Clay and I woke up feeling the most present I have felt in my life. Everything was a done from a more relaxed and present place.

Christoffer Ravnsborg 

After working with Clay my mind has opened up and I now have a better sense of what is actually important. My life and business constantly improve.

Katie Young

After working with Clay, over 3 decades of anxiety and depression have disappeared completely from my life. I’m eternally grateful and things continue to improve.

Mike Young

Clay helped me find my way again after two failed businesses had wrecked my self-confidence. My business and mindset is thriving and my life just keeps getting better.


Mark Cruz

Silva Mind Control, Think & Grow Rich and Psycho-Cybernetics are great, but I struggled to apply. This is set and forget and gives me consistent results.

Eric Rollings

I’ve regained control. Clay’s work condensed 20 years of personal growth into 1. 40 year old issues are gone in less than 1 week. Every area of my life is improving.

Aaron Selkrig

I wasn’t getting sh!t done when I thought I was. We figured out the one thing I needed to do, now my monthly revenue is 85K (EUR) up from 25K in under 6 months and we’re still growing.

Corolina Correa

I became a different person overnight in You 2.0, I am a completely new person now, and the weekly calls cemented it. Working with Clay is the shortcut to becoming the person you always wanted to be.